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Church officials did not respond to requests for comment. Raimondo interrupts the marriage celebrations to tell the guests that Lucia has gone mad and killed her bridegroom Arturo. Lucia enters. In the aria " Il dolce suono " she imagines being with Edgardo, soon to be happily married. Enrico enters and at first threatens Lucia but later softens when he realizes her condition. Lucia collapses. Raimondo blames Normanno for precipitating the whole tragedy.

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Edgardo is resolved to kill himself on Enrico's sword. He learns that Lucia is dying and then Raimondo comes to tell him that she has already died. Edgardo stabs himself with a dagger, hoping to be reunited with Lucia in heaven. The aria " Spargi d'amaro pianto " following the more recitative " Il dolce suono " from the " mad scene " Act 3, Scene 2 , has historically been a vehicle for several coloratura sopranos providing a breakthrough for Dame Joan Sutherland and is a technically and expressively demanding piece.

Donizetti wrote it in F major , but it is often transposed down a tone two half-steps into E-flat. Some sopranos, including Maria Callas , have performed the scene in a come scritto "as written" fashion, adding minimal ornamentation to their interpretations. Most sopranos, however, add ornamentation to demonstrate their technical ability, as was the tradition in the bel canto period.

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This involves the addition and interpolation of trills , mordents , turns, runs and cadenzas. Almost all sopranos append cadenzas to the end of the "mad scene", sometimes ending them on a high keynote E-flat or F, depending on the key in which they are singing, though Mado Robin takes an even higher B-flat [14]. The original scoring of this scene was for glass harmonica and soprano. However, an adaption for flute and the soprano soloist has been more commonly performed since, mostly for practical reasons.

The popular soprano and flute duet cadenza was composed in by Mathilde Marchesi for her student Nellie Melba 's performance of the role, requiring ten weeks of rehearsal for the new addition and causing a critical reevaluation and surge of new interest in the opera. Verranno a te sull'aure" Edgardo, Lucia. Act 2 Act 3 Il dolce suono" Lucia, "Mad Scene" Donizetti was living there at the time, preparing the revision of Poliuto into its French version which became Les Martyrs. Lucie opened on 6 August and this version toured extensively throughout France.

One of the more notable changes is the disappearance of Alisa, Lucia's handmaid and confidante. This allows the French version to isolate Lucia, thus increasing the story's emotional impact. Furthermore, Lucia loses most of Raimondo's support; his role is dramatically diminished while Arturo's is increased.

Donizetti also added a new character, Gilbert, who is loosely based on the huntsman in the Italian version.

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However, Gilbert is a more developed figure who serves both Edgardo and Enrico, divulging their secrets to the other for money. Sarah Coburn sang the title role as her first "Lucia" in this French version in In Lucie was produced by the Cincinnati Opera with Coburn again in the title role.

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Lucia has received over 20 commercial studio recordings, and dozens more of live performances. Among these are two of the French version and another of the original Italian edition translated into English.

The earliest complete recording was made in with Lorenzo Molajoli conducting the La Scala Orchestra and Chorus and Mercedes Capsir in the title role. There are several recordings with Maria Callas in the title role, including two versions conducted by Tullio Serafin and and one by Herbert von Karajan Joan Sutherland , who was particularly noted for performances as Lucia, has also been recorded in the role several times including a Decca Records recording conducted by Richard Bonynge with Luciano Pavarotti as Edgardo.

Several video recordings have also been released, including one in French.

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He returned to the original key structure and the Mad Scene is quite different. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The captivating vocal ability she possessed placed her in the church adult choir at the age of twelve and she was known to have made melodies from everyday conversations.

She is one of the most recognizable female faces on the Afrobeat music scene, conquering the music charts throughout Africa. She became the first contemporary Nigerian artiste to release a song fully recorded in French. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience.

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